Milsoft Geographic Information System (WindMilMap)

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  • WindMilMap provides the ability to quickly define and switch between common electrical model symbols in ArcGIS Desktop and relevant ArcEngine applications.
  • With the integration of WindMil’s connectivity model, traces can be done and symbolized instantly.

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Milsoft Geographic Information System (WindMilMap®) provides all of the features and functions of the best geographic information systems to enable convenient, efficient and accurate capture, maintenance and utilization of geospatial information, physical asset data and maps for an electric distribution system. It's also the only GIS that provides a single data source for the electrical connectivity model. This makes our GIS much more than a graphical representation of your electric system; it really takes your electric connectivity model to the next level. The power of the engineering design combined with the benefits of GIS! Again. Nobody else is doing this. With the integration of Milsoft Engineering Analysis, traces can be done and symbolized instantly.

Key Features

  • The ESRI ArcGIS toolset can be used to create, edit and display Milsoft GIS maps in the ArcMap environment while preserving the integrity and accuracy of the electric distribution network topology and connectivity.

Milsoft GIS is a fully integrated component of the Milsoft E&O System, a comprehensive applications and data management platform for engineering and operations of an electric distribution system. Within this system, Milsoft GIS is seamlessly integrated with Milsoft’s other applications (i.e., EA, OMS, Field Engineering and Communications). The Milsoft E&O System is designed to conveniently integrate with a utility’s other systems and solutions via industry standard interfaces, custom integrations and an open applications program interface. Each and every Milsoft and third party application that a utility uses can access any of the data that is integrated into the Milsoft E&O System. For example, Milsoft GIS can integrate with:

  • Milsoft Field Engineering to assist utility employees in planning and designing and automatically incorporating facility extensions, additions or modifications
  • Milsoft Engineering Analysis to maintain the electric circuit model and to display analytical results
  • Milsoft Outage Management System to geographically display outage information
  • An ERP system to import utility asset data


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The most amazing difference I’ve seen in my coop since we’ve been integrating Milsoft products is seeing our employees become not only more geographically minded, but for the first time, they’re truly understanding how electricity works out in the field from their desktops. It’s really improved our outage response time and empowering our employees with knowledge they never had before, so it’s improving our customer service and information that we can relay to our members.

Nicole Lupinetti , REA Engergy Cooperative, Inc.

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