Milsoft Field Engineering

Upgrade Specs


*Partial List

  • Seamless map viewing, item finding, and data viewing of the entire service area
  • Availability of all map viewing features during design;
  • Automatic migration of jobs to the computer of the assigned field engineer when jobs are assigned or transferred
  • One-step process for assembly selection and construction sketch generation
  • Customer-specified templates and associated units, increasing the speed of the design process
  • Power by Partner Software

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Milsoft’s Field Engineering was designed to make the jobs of field engineering crews easier and more productive.  Eliminate paper maps, travel with current data, produce estimates in the field, and print standard letters or contracts and have them signed on site!  Speed up the field design process and do so without compromising the quality of service. 

Field Engineering is efficient and easy to use.  It allows crews to view power distribution maps, create field engineering sketches, and retrieve any additional information needed to complete the field engineering job.  Milsoft’s Field Engineering solution provides existing maps as a seamless background from which to work, and automatically updates mapping and work order/accounting systems back at the office. 

Construction assemblies are listed and arranged to allow for easy location.  Illustrations and specifications of assemblies can be included.  The user can copy locations or create templates, saving time and adding efficiency to the process.  Designed for Windows on field or office computers, Milsoft Field Engineering creates the construction sheets and any number of configurable reports, allowing the user to do his job and eliminating the inefficient process of ordering assemblies and drawing sketches.


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Add-On 1

Distribution Inpection

Milsoft’s Distribution Inspection solution helps every crew with a field computer the ability to comply with your organization's mandated RUS inspection cycle.

Each crew has an easy-to-complete computer form that is synchronized upon return to the office. This inspection tracks the condition of overhead, underground and meter equipment. It displays inspections directly on the map. Inspectors report each of these inspections with a color-coded priority so repair crews can be quickly dispatched to correct the problems.

Inspections can then be filtered by any data collected via the Inspection System's on-map Filter Table. This Filter Table also provides various reporting methods and exports.

Distribution Inspection stores a historical archive for every inspection ever created. Over time, this creates the ability to view and analyze your organization's entire inspection history. Site-licensed, the Distribution Inspection Module can be used by anyone, from specific inspectors to field crews.

Aging and reissue methods provide automatic notification, which is established and maintained by your organization when it is time to re-inspect your system.

Using the color-coded priority system, equipment that is due to be re-inspected will automatically change color based on a time line of your choosing. Distribution Inspection makes inspection compliance for insurance and legal purposes easy to schedule and record.

Add-On 2

Damage Assessment


Designed for the routine maintenance of the distribution system including poles, padmounts, meters, etc. This inspection meets RUS standards but can be configured to meet utility requirements.

Add-On 3

Right of Way


A module designed for the tracking of Right of Way throughout the system and for the management of Right of Way crews, utility or subcontracted. This module will also track mowing, bush hogging, trimming, spraying, and tree injection.

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