Outage Management

Milsoft Outage Management solutions enable faster, more accurate detection and analysis of and response to customer service interruptions ranging from individual outages to system wide disturbances. Automated data collection, organization, analysis and display improve employees' situational awareness, organization, productivity, safety and morale and also improve communications between and among a utility, its customers and other stakeholders.

Milsoft Outage Management is used by hundreds of utilities who report that it has increased the effectiveness of their employees, shortened outage duration and improved customer communications and service. They have told us, “Milsoft Outage Management paid for itself during our first major system outage.” and, “We could never go back to dealing with outages without Milsoft Outage Management."

Milsoft Outage Management solutions are integral components of Milsoft E&O, a comprehensive system of applications and data management for engineering and operations of an electric distribution system. 

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Collect and analyze  service outage notifications to enable faster, quicker utility response and service restoration. 

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