Field Engineering

Milsoft Field Engineering will provide a powerful tool for Field Engineers looking for a way to make their jobs easier and more productive. Milsoft Field Engineering (aka staking) will enable you to design and document a line extension or other facility addition more easily, quickly and accurately in full integration with WindMilMap and your other administrative systems.  Electric utility engineers and technicians all over the country are using this mobile work management tool to complete their field engineering tasks better.

Milsoft Field Engineering runs in conjunction with WindMilMap so that the field engineer or technician has the utility’s maps conveniently at hand along with a convenient, electronic means of sketching the design right on the map.  Milsoft Field Engineering includes tools for assembly selection, importing GPS data, printing standard or custom reports, viewing unit drawings and parts lists, and viewing and printing cost estimates.  Designed for field and office computers, Milsoft Field Engineering creates construction sheets, a multitude of user configurable reports, and, it automatically updates GIS, work order and accounting systems.

*Milsoft Field Engineering combines proven computer assisted field engineering technology with the very best engineering and operations GIS in the business to unify and streamline the field engineering process.  This combination ensures maximum productivity, accuracy and efficiency for your field design work.  

Milsoft Field Engineering is an integral component of Milsoft E&O, a comprehensive system of applications and data management for engineering and operations of an electric distribution system. *Powered by Partner Software

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Eliminate paper maps, travel with current data, produce estimates in the field with Milsoft Field Engineering software.

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