Engineering Analysis

Accurate, detailed modeling and analysis of the electric network is essential for the most economical and reliable planning and operations. William H. Kersting, retired professor of electrical engineering and Director of the widely respected Electric Utility Management Program at New Mexico State University and a long time contributor to the development of Engineering Analysis as well as a long time user of the software for teaching, says in the newest edition of his classic textbook, Distribution System Modeling and Analysis:

“ . . . many changes have transpired in the power industry and, in particular, the distribution system. The word ‘smart grid’ keeps popping up in technical journals. What exactly does this mean? There are a variety of answers to this question, and for all these answers, it is essential to be able to model the system as accurately as possible.”

There are no more powerful, versatile, accurate or user friendly electric distribution system modeling and analysis software solutions available anywhere.  Milsoft Engineering Analysis solutions have been used by electric distribution utilities and their consultants for more than 25 years. Today they are used by nearly 1,000 electric utilities, consultants, universities, research labs, government agencies, commercial & industrial facilities and others. Milsoft EA is a defacto industry standard for electric distribution utility system analysis.

Milsoft Engineering Analysis solutions are integral components of Milsoft E&O, a comprehensive system of applications and data management for engineering and operations of an electric distribution system. 

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Take advantage of a comprehensive library of time current device curves to accurately perform protective device coordination with Milsoft's LightTable®.

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