Hosted Solutions-Interactive Voice Response

Regardless of whether you use Milsoft IVR in a hosted environment or you purchase it and maintain it at your utility, you get the same benefits of an on-site IVR system. These benefits include fast, reliable performance designed to increase your team's effectiveness and your customer's service levels in a variety of utility environments

 Milsoft has been providing a hosted IVR system configuration option for over 10 years.  Milsoft began its first hosted service as a simple overflow and contingency offering for utilities with our on-site IVR. Today, Milsoft's infrastructure features mass scalability. Equipped with the latest Storage Area Networks and cloud technologies, Milsoft can host your IVR in state-of-art Terremark Facilities. These facilities are so secure and well regarded that the FBI is among their list of clients. 

Milsoft also is PCI compliant which means our credit card processing transactions meets the requirements for safely managing your customer's credit card data and transactions. Milsoft is hosting over 60 utilities. There are also cities using our hosted solutions to help them manage their communications needs.

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Hosted IVR. The best of IVR services without the hassles of maintaining it.

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